At HeartSparks, we find photography magical. We particularly enjoy taking pictures that reflect the tenderness and vitality of life. We're drawn to capturing moments in people’s lives that speak the truth of whomever we're privileged to photograph.

• Getting engaged? Would you like a romantic photo of you and your love?
Let's figure out exactly what you'd like. It will be great!

• Perhaps you are a high school student applying to college; a great photo of you
to go along with your application will show the recruiters what an energetic,
thoughtful student you are!

• Job-seeking, career changing, marketing & branding? Let’s take photos that
promote your professionalism and competence.

• What about on-line dating? Let us help your search along with a photo that
speaks a thousand words.

• Babies, babies, babies! We love photographing babies and children. We have
endless patience for little ones. Child photography requires a good sense of
humor, genuine affection for kids, and the ability to be playful and get the job
done at the same time.

Nationally, HeartSparks has done photo-shoots for Family Circle Magazine, with a readership of over 10,000 million, and INSTORE Magazine, the industry publication for American Jewelry Store Owners. Photography is instrumental in marketing, branding, and telling your story the way you'd like it to be told.

Take a look at our photo gallery. If the kind of pictures we take speaks to you, let’s talk. We'd be delighted. We're easy to work with. And fun! Many folks don’t like having their photos taken. We say, let’s enjoy this, and make the taking of the photographs a pleasant memory as well as creating the pictures you need, want, or love.